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Globotech intends to offer a wide range of Telecommunications services, Power solutions and IT solutions to various Telecommunications related companies, Network providers, Residential areas, Cooperate and Government sectors through efficient and increased productivity.

Data Center Services

We offer the implementation, maintenance, operation, and enhancement of the data centers around Tanzania.

Fiber Optic Technology

With our staff of strong experience in this field, we offer best Fiber Optics Services in the industry.

Renewable Energy

We offer Supply, Installation and Maintenance of wide range of Renewable Energy devices.

Construction and Civil Works

We offer Building design and construction of Cell sites, Offices, Cellular exchange and Structural Auditing.

Telecommunication Services

Transmission systems, Base Station Systems (GSM, CDMA, Wi-Max) and other telecommunication systems.

Electrical Services

We supply and handle all kind of Generators, Power back-up systems and UPS systems

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